Trace Devai: Vocals

Nawsh: Guitars

Brannon: Guitars

TeeMoney: Bass

JayNova: Drums

ROKTOY is an international original rock band representing a rainbow of diversity with all members American born. ROKTOY’S song “Universal Future” embodies the vision and message of inclusion that inspires the band and their music.

Frontman vocalist TRACE DEVAI, one of the most androgynous men in history, began singing in a band with a young LENNY KRAVITZ at Beverly Hills High School. Trace skateboarded and rode dirt bikes with a young SLASH all while attending ballet and dance classes. Trace states he’s been misgendered every day of his life, so much so that PAUL MCCARTNEY kissed TRACE'S hand when they met, mistaking him for a girl. In his 20’s ALICE COOPER called him out for backing vocals on 2 world tours.

Trace phoned guitarist BRANNON LEE from San Francisco and they began collaborating on the music.

Drummer JAYNOVA from Massachusetts was originally the protools engineer on the project. “On breaks Jaynova would sit behind the drum kit and jam. Until one day I said you should be our drummer” states Trace.

Bass synthesizer Keyboardist TEE MONEY also from Massachusetts came to Los Angeles following his friend Jaynova. TEE tagged along to ROKTOY recording sessions and frequently played keyboards, also on breaks. He soon joined the band.

Guitarist NAWSH, as if it were fate, crossed paths with Trace while walking their dogs, discovered they were actually neighbors and that he was destined to fill a spot in the ROKTOY lineup.

ROKTOY at last!

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