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Roktoy's lastest single

"King Of Patience"

It's finally here! This long awaited single is available on all streaming services! Listen now on Spotify, Pandora, and any other streaming service you can think of.

ROKTOY - AndroMacho Single Artwork.JPEG

Available NOW

"Glamorous Lovers"

"Last Rockstar"

"Chrome Baby"

"Andro Macho"

Available for purchase and streaming everywhere and anywhere you get your music.


Rock N' Roll

Roktoy's cover of the all-time classic. Hear the song - Watch the video - Rock N' Roll!

ROKTOY is now streaming on Pandora!

Expanding their reach to cater to even more music enthusiasts, ROKTOY has extended their presence beyond the widely beloved streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music, and is thrilled to announce that their music is now accessible on Pandora as well. With this exciting addition, the band is making it even simpler for fans and new listeners alike to discover and enjoy their electrifying tunes. Explore ROKTOY's evolving discography on Pandora today and join the musical journey!

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